Author: Frank Hagan

Prohibition is Murder

Prohibition injures individuals and is morally repugnant. If any well accepted social norm stands in stark opposition to the non-aggression principle most libertarians hold dear it is state sponsored prohibition. A long-standing libertarian goal is just now coming into focus for non-libertarians: ending the prohibition against cannabis. Now in the 8th decade of a total ban on production, use and even most testing for possible benefits, we are just now finding out the natural compounds in the plant have medicinal uses far beyond relieving anxiety and stress. A majority of Americans now believe that “medical marijuana” should be legalized for relieving pain and increasing appetite. I believe this exposes the sympathetic nature of our citizens who consider their fellow Americans as more worthy of pain relief than our misguided legislators. I like that compassion. But I’m arguing to consider prohibition itself as much more nefarious. Using cannabis as an example, we see now, some 80+ years later, that prohibition is more than wrong. It is murder. Consider the use of Charlotte’s Web, a cannabis strain that has proven to be beneficial for some of the children who have Dravet syndrome. As shown in this YouTube Video from Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN, Charlotte Figi was helped by a certain strain of cannabis. The typical child who has Dravet syndrome succumbs to death early, with some 70+% dying before age 10. The...

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Can a Christian be a Libertarian?

Christianity does not have a favored form of government, and a wide variety of political beliefs are compatible for Christians. The question is not whether a democratic, socialist, or monarchical form of government is  more aligned with the Bible, but whether the Christian adopts the right relationship with the government. In the end, most Christians believe, they will be in an eternal monarchy. The question arises if libertarianism is an acceptable choice for the Christian. It shares a lot with some Christian belief systems. At the core of the libertarian philosophy is the non-aggression principle, an ethical goal for libertarians that is shared by many Christians already including Quakers, the Brethren, Mennonites and some more controversial groups that are set father out from mainstream evangelical Christianity like the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  In common terms, it is the Golden Rule writ large in both spiritual and secular activities: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Fine and good, and that usually isn’t the sticking point for Christians who prefer donkeys or elephants. The objection comes about because libertarians are, by and large, conservative fiscally and liberal socially, making everyone unhappy. So the controversy usually boils down to the fact that libertarians believe people should be able to do what they want with the only restriction that they don’t harm others. Christians may think that it is merely...

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